Because it's more than a job. It's doing what I love

I don't think of myself as a "salesperson." I simply can't see myself ever "selling" someone a house, or "selling" a property for a client. A home isn't a commodity; that's a cold way of looking at something that is so close to our hearts. This is more than real estate; it's real life. Our homes represent our families, our futures, our hopes and dreams. 


This is how I work. I enjoy meeting people, and finding out about them. Showing them around, seeing them become comfortable with me. To me, it,s about building trust; developing an honest relationship that allows me to truly understand what it is you want, and need. I have a lot of experience and first-hand knowledge, and I really want you to take advantage of that.

Finding the perfect home or the perfect buyer for your home, is something like a jigsaw puzzle. I'm very good at making things fit and making things work. I love it when a plan comes together.

This is more than real estate. It's real life, and I take it seriously. I can't put aside the fact that my clients are people dealing with the emotional issues of home and finances. Buying or selling a home for the first time....or the fifth time...might be stressful for some, but I believe it should be joyful. Especially when you get what you want, what you need, and hopefully a little more than what you expected.

I know I'm likely to run into you again; having a coffee in the neighbourhood or while chauferring the kids, maybe even the next time you want to sell your home or buy a new property. Maybe we'll chat again when you have a friend you want me to help; most of my clients are referrals, people I've worked with before, and those who come to me from my connections within the Royal LePage network across Canada.

I'm always happy to see clients come back. It tells me that I must be doing things right.

Michele is one of Royal LePage's recognised leaders:

Award of Excellence 2015 - 2022

Diamond Award 2006 - 2008

Directors Platinum 2009 - 2022

REBGV Quarter Century Club  2012 - 2022